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An all-in-one solution for AI and data analytics

#1 easiest data platform to use

Top performing data teams ♥️ 5X

Why do companies choose 5X?

"5X's full-stack data platform with out-of-the-box capabilities catered to our needs. If we had to do this ourself, we'd have to sign 5-6 vendors. And it would take 6 months to set up. With 5X, we were up & running in no time."

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"Managing 7+ vendors was complex & expensive. 5X's full-stack data platform helped consolidate data workflows & reduce costs by 50%."

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"5X's data engineers delivered the analytics engine with zero bandwidth crunch on our team, freeing us up to focus on other key initiative."

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Without 5X

Building a data platform is complex,
like assembling a car from disparate parts

With 5X

You get a complete data suite. It’s like driving a car off the lot on day 1

One stop shop, whichever way you work

Plays well with others

Integrates with vendors you might already be using

Replaces them entirely

Full-stack data platform that’s incredibly easy-to-use


“Ever since we’ve started using 5X, working with data has become a breeze. It's flexible & easy to scale. Feels like we've got a whole team of experts rallying behind us.”

Anthony M. Jerkovic
Anthony M. Jerkovic

“5X offers 50% less total cost of ownership than if you built and maintained your platform in-house.”

Lisa Lin
Lisa Lin
Director of Operations

“The product we depend on for our customers”

Ahmed E
Ahmed E

“5X’s data platform provided the capabilities we needed out-of-the-box. No resources or time wasted in stitching a platform together with multiple vendors.”

George Ferreira
George Ferreira

“We leverage 5X as a one-stop solution for all our data needs. Its clean and super easy to use, manages all data-related tasks from a single pane instead of toggling between multiple tools.”

Andy Acs
Andy Acs
Cofounder & CTO
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