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Any warehouse


Any way

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Any billing

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Why use a data warehouse?

Modern data warehouses are designed for the cloud. Unlike 
on-premise solutions, cloud warehouses enable you to scale up and down effortlessly.

Once heavy workloads are completed, computing resources are scaled down, ensuring you don’t pay for over-provisioned resources.

5X builds on top of the warehouse

Unified IDE

A single interface to build end-to-end data pipelines - ingest, model, & orchestrate, & analyze data

Superior control & governance

Role based access control gives your the flexibility to enforce access down to the column level

Scalable storage & compute

Start small & scale as you grow

Provision your warehouse from 5X with 1 click

"5X helped us optimize our BigQ, bringing down our monthly costs by 65%"

— Andy

Provision your warehouse from 5X with 1 click

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5X becomes the SPOC for your entire data platform, removing the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors

Discounts on pay-as-you-go pricing* with no strings attached

*only on snowflake

“5X has been very helpful in our process of cleaning up our snowflake. The platform and consultancy has made it easy to keep our data transformations in one place.”

Glenn B

Voted #1 by top data teams

“5X simplifies data management with a clean,
user-friendly platform. It's our one-stop solution 
for all data needs, allowing us to manage tasks from
a single pane instead of multiple tools.”

“As a new startup with no prior data and no in-house analysts, 5X guided us through the process, dispelling myths and simplifying our data setup.”

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