We’re 5x

Our mission is to accelerate data adoption, in a tailor-made
way that works best for you.

Executive Team

Tarush Aggarwal

Founder & CEO

Qi Wu

Co-Founder & CPO

Shrihari Shastry

Head of Engineering

Ester Nierga

Team & Culture

Philip Theron


Naveen Kumar A

Head of Data

Join the Team!

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded folks to join our fast-growing global team. Join us in taking software delivery into the future.

Our Core Values

A world where everyone is able to leverage data to make better decisions.

Hammock Value

If we can’t build it from a hammock in Bali, we’re doing something wrong. 5x fully embraces remote work. We trust you will find the right balance.

Holistic Wellness

The 4 empires which determine our overall well being are the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual empires. At 5x prioritizeall 4.

5x "Outsized" Impact

Everything we do is centered around driving exponential value to our customers. Our customers find it impossible to think of a world outside of 5x.


TogethernessWe work together to maximize our potential. We are there for each other and treat others as we expect to be treated. This is the 5x Family and we are better together!


We put everything on the table for everyone to see. This means that you have our permission to ask the tough questions and we will answer. We don't like playing political games.


5x has been fortunate to raise capital from top-tier investors and Angels

Work From Anywhere

We have employees working from U.S, India, China, Indonesia, Philippines, UAE, Singapore, Kenya, South Africa, Argentina & Mexico

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“We can now make decisions from analytics based on data from all our sources. That's a game changer for a company like us.”
Anthony M. Jerkovic
Head of Risk and Data at Bank Novo
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