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Build a custom data platform in record time


  • Data discovery
  • Provision new vendors
  • Integrate existing vendors
  • Pay as you go or annual contracts
  • Contract management
  • Consolidation into a single Invoice
  • White glove onboarding
  • Enterprise support across multiple vendors

Case Study

Top Shelf deployed a data platform 30x faster

Operate all vendors from a single interface


  • Unified SQL editor
  • Vendor tiles for consolidated operation
  • Architecture diagram
  • Security suite
  • User management
  • Role based access control
  • Consultation/development services store

Case Study

Xap deploys complex customer data products with 56% less maintenance

Optimise performance & reduce costs by 30%


  • Real time utilization
  • Spend forecasting
  • Vendor usage and insights

  • Spend monitoring & alerts
  • Cost optimization Suite

Case Study

BP Wealth brings down data platform costs by 34%

5X Black: Fully-managed data as a service

Get access to data engineers, analysts & product managers with industry expertise, best practices & hands-on implementation experience

Our services team can help you with:

  • Data audits
  • Data platform architecture & design
  • Dashboard implementation & metrics
  • Recommendations & insights
  • Metrics & KPI’s
  • Data products & embedded analytics
  • Data science, ML & generative AI assistance
  • Performance & cost optimization
  • Training & data illteracy

5X Black plans

On-demand resource
20-hour packs
Ideal for routine maintenance
Half-time resources
85 hours / month
Great to build initial
use cases
Dedicated resources
170 hours / month
End-to-end data as a service

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2.4 data engineers

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Amount saved:

Time saved on:

1. Vendor Discovery POC's

2. Integrations

3. Contracts & legal review

Amount saved:

1. Increased operational efficiency with single IDE

2. Streamlined user management + single digital identity layer

3. Security suite & governance

Amount saved:

1. Visibility & forecasting into spend

2. Budgeting & insights

3. Cost optimization suite that proactively optimizes usage

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