Customer story

"5X delivered the analytics engine with zero bandwidth crunch on our team, freeing us up to focus on other key initiative."

George Ferreira
CTO, Upright
From data chaos to clarity: 5X delivers turn-key data analytics platform for Upright

Executive summary

Business challenge

Upright sought a 360-degree view of their lending & borrowing business. With no bandwidth to create dashboards or underlying data pipelines, Upright’s team reached out to 5X.


5X delivered the data analytics dashboards with 65 reports, powered by 5X’s full-stack data platform. With all the capabilities available out-of-the-box, there was no need to stitch multiple data vendors together.


Upright’s leadership gained access to critical insights with an accelerated time-to-insight - 5X shortened the time-span to a sprint, from what would usually take a quarter. The best part - zero bandwidth crunch on their internal teams.


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The challenge

Upright wanted a centralized and user-friendly platform to analyze their business's performance. However, data spread across multiple sources, business units, and teams made it difficult to get a holistic view. To make matters worse, Upright didn’t have the bandwidth to create dashboards and the underlying data pipelines within the tight timelines set by the leadership.

The 5X solution

5X delivered a turn-key solution: Easy-to-use analytics dashboards that provided a holistic overview of Upright’s lending & borrowing business.

With zero bandwidth crunch on Upright’s team, 5X data engineers executed the project in 3 steps:

Current state analysis - Thorough analysis of their existing data infrastructure & immediate requirements.

Data platform build - They leveraged 5X’s data platform to power the analytics engine. Automated pipelines cleaned and integrated data from disparate sources.

Data adoption - 5X analysts empowered Upright’s business users to analyze data, leverage dashboards, and unlock valuable insights.

“5X’s data platform provided the capabilities we needed out-of-the-box. No resources or time wasted in stitching a platform together with multiple vendors.”


George Ferreira

CTO, Upright

5X helped drive three key business goals

The Impact

A transformation in Upright’s analytics & decision-making process. From collating & cleaning data manually to an automated process that provided a 360° overview of their business.

The best part—5X handled the project with zero involvement from Upright’s internal teams, unblocking them to focus on other key initiatives.

5X’s data platform powered the analytics engine—with all components available out-of-the-box, there was no hassle of stitching a platform together with disparate data vendors.

This shortened the time-to-insight - dashboards delivered within 2 weeks from what would usually take a quarter.

“5X was instrumental in helping us gain a holistic view of our business. It was as if we had our own internal data team, working closely with stakeholders to ensure that data was actioned effectively.”


George Ferreira

CTO, Upright

What’s in store for the future?


Upright is one of the fastest-growing real estate fintech companies in the U.S. Founded in 2014, it connects borrowers with fast capital and allows investors to earn passive income through real estate loans.


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