Data insights to

minimize machine downtime
increase production yields
maximize profits-per-hour
streamline supply chain
minimize machine downtime
increase profits
fill empty tables
lower employee turnover
reduce COGS
increase profits
5X provides a 360° view of your manufacturing business, removing the guesswork on strategies that drive growth
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Answering business critical questions isn’t easy

Your data is scattered

5X unifies your data & uncover insights

Guiding you in the right direction to deliver business breakthroughs

Drive growth with data

5X unifies your data & uncover insights. Guiding you in
the right direction to deliver business breakthroughs

Confusion to clarity in 3 steps

Unify data from
all sources

We clean & consolidate your data across ERP, CRM, inventory & others apps. We build custom connectors to ensure all sources are connected.

reports & dashboards

We create easy-to-read dashboards & reports on aspects of production, supply chain, demand forecasts, plant performance, inventory, & more.


Dedicated analysts uncover insights that improve performance. They collaborate with your team to review key metrics & chart out next steps.

Self-serve analytics & insights for better decision making

5X provided a 360° view of how each branch is performing. They’ve equipped the organization with insights to drive business outcomes.

Kevin Santiago
President, Cupbop

Business critical questions? Answered by 5X


  • How to tweak production to maximize the throughput of each equipment?
  • What’s my Yield-energy-throughput?
  • What’s the right time to service equipment to minimize down-time?
  • What are the stress factors or root causes for equipment malfunction?

Supply chain

  • What are the key risks in procuring raw materials?
  • Expected delays in material delivery that might delay production?
  • Are my key raw material producers at financial risk?

Demand forecasting

  • Is my production capacity & demand forecasts aligned?
  • Which products are consumers most likely to need or want in the next 6 months?
  • Do I have enough inventory of raw materials to meet demand forecasts in 12 months?

Inventory & warehouse

  • Do I have enough inventory to meet demands of the next big-sale?
  • What are the top causes for returns? And how can I minimize it? 
  • How do I optimize inventory turnover ratio?
  • Do I need to bring on extra staff to cater to the gifting season?


  • What are my unit economics? Most & least profitable production lines?
  • What are the gross profit, net revenue?
  • What are the cash flow projection for next quarter?
  • How my maintenance & repair costs within the threshold?


  • How I do optimize my shipping costs & delivery time?
  • What are my inventory carry costs?
  • Is inventory-to-sales ratio within permissable limits?

5X integrates with your fav business tools

We build custom connectors to integrate with all your tools

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5X integrates with your fav business tools

We build custom connectors to integrate with all of your tools


Inventory management


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Gain a holistic view of your manufacturing business

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