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“5X has transformed the way we operate. Clarity on business performance & insights on boosting growth.

Kevin Santiago
President, Cupbop
Cupbop gains growth insights with 5X

Executive summary

Business challenge

Cupbop wanted a holistic overview of their business, down to the store level. And make data-driven decisions that drive business growth.


5X created a business-intelligence engine that shed light on performance across all aspects of Cupbop’s business. And the dedicated 5X analysts collaborated with their leadership to uncover insights & take decisions that improved performance.


A sea-change in how Cupbop operates! Automated data collection & reporting saves 300+ man hours/month. And the insights from analysts ensure that the organizational effort is being put in the right direction.


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The challenge

Cupbop leadership wanted a 360-degree overview of their business - a deep dive into sales, staffing, inventory, & marketing performance. In the absence of automation, they spent upwards of 300 hours gathering & uploading information into Google Sheets—an arduous & time-consuming process for both store managers & the leadership team.

Cupbop also wanted a partner who could help them leverage data to make informed decisions & improve business performance.

“We wanted to transform - from a regular business, into a data-driven one. Where we have clarity on how the business is operating with insights & direction on how we can improve.”

Kevin Santiago

President, Cupbop

The 5X solution

5X built a business-intelligence engine customized to the needs of Cupbop within a month! With easy-to-reads reports & dashboards that give their leadership a holistic view of their business.

This was powered by a data platform that ingests data from all sources, cleans it up, & presents actionable insights. 5X went the extra mile to create custom connectors for Uber Eats, Square, & DoorDash.

5X also ushered in a culture of data-driven decision-making: dedicated analysts worked closely with store-level managers to uncover insights & make informed decisions that improved store revenue, utilization, & marketing ROI.

“We love the prediction engine that 5X has built. We’re now able to forecast high-demand & slow periods helping us  be better prepared across marketing, inventory & staffing areas”

Kevin Santiago

President, Cupbop

5X helped drive three key business goals

The Impact

A ground-up transformation in way Cupbop operates -

How problem areas are identified & prioritized

How decisions are made, and

How the impact is measured.

All powered by a zero-maintenance data platform that speed up time-to-insight by 10X & saved 300+ man hours.

From the store-level staff to the top management, everyone now has a clear understanding of their restaurant business.

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“5X has transformed the way we work. The automated data collection & reporting saves us 300 hours+ / month in manual work. And the insights help us identify & double down on activities that boost store revenue.”

Kevin Santiago

President, Cupbop

What’s in store for the future?

The goal is to add layers to the business intelligence engine across

Employee engagement - Productivity figures? Is the turnover increasing or decreasing?

Social media sentiment analysis - What are customers writing about Cupbop? Is it positive or negative?

Customer analysis - Grouping of customers into cohorts based on their behaviour - visits, dishes ordered, time of visit & more. This grouping helps create tailored experiences.

Anomaly alerts - Cupbpop employees get notified for large deviations in business metrics. The anomaly is analysed by 5X data analyst to uncover the reason for the anomaly.


Cupbob’s “entertaining” take on Korean food has made it into one of the most loved local food chains in the U.S. Started in a food trailer in 2013, it has now expanded to over 47 stores in the U.S. and 160 stores internationally.


Glendale, Arizona, USA




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100+ employees

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