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Data platform spends are unpredictable

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5X brings predictability & control

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2.4 data engineers

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Time saved on:

1. Vendor Discovery POC's

2. Integrations

3. Contracts & legal review

Increased productivity:

1. Increased operational efficiency with single IDE

2. Streamlined user management + single digital identity layer

3. Security suite & governance

Greater transparency:

1. Visibility & forecasting into spend

2. Budgeting & insights

3. Cost optimization suite that proactively optimizes usage

What our customers have to say

“5X was a perfect fit - A fully-managed data platform with the flexibility to choose best-in-class vendors. If you want to do this yourself, you have to sign five vendors. And it takes six months just to set it up. With 5X, we were up and running in no time.”

Steve Hibberd
Steve Hibberd

“Our next-gen data stack with 5x means we don’t have to think through every possible edge case in the data model in advance”.

Anthony M. Jerkovic
Anthony M. Jerkovic

“I can’t tell you how many times the chairman of our board said, You are doing this right by leading with data. A lot of startups wait too long”.

Keith Elliott
Keith Elliott

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