Data ingestion, tailored for you

The only ingestion tool that supports custom connectors at zero additional cost. Ensuring un-interrupted data movement across all your systems

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Top performing data teams ♥️ 5X

Why choose 5X Ingestion?

Move data from any source to any destination, effortlessly

Automatically, reliably & securely move data from 500+ sources. From SaaS apps, databases, ERPs & files to data warehouses, data lakes & more

Automatically move data for AI workloads

5X Ingestion powers your AI innovation with automated access to centralized, cleansed, & governed data

Custom connectors 
& transparent pricing model

Pay for what you sync. Costs go down as you scale automatically. No hidden fees for building custom connectors

Encrypt data at the source

Identify Personally identifiable information (PII) & encrypt data at a column level

We support all data sources

Connect to 500+ sources & destinations

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Voted #1 by top data teams

“5X simplifies data management with a clean,
user-friendly platform. It's our one-stop solution 
for all data needs, allowing us to manage tasks from
a single pane instead of multiple tools.”

“As a new startup with no prior data and no in-house analysts, 5X guided us through the process, dispelling myths and simplifying our data setup.”


"In comparison to larger companies, the speed at building and prioritizing new connectors for us is significantly quicker."

Anthony M. Jerkovic
Anthony M. Jerkovic

“5X ingestion is very intuitive user interface, works as expected, incredible support from the 5X team. The setup is easy!”

Ahmed E
Ahmed E

“The 5X ingestion tool is user-friendly and has allowed us to have custom connectors, enabling us to pull data from all disparate sources.“

Lead data engineer

“5X has streamlined our data ingestion. Cleaner code for incremental loads and the ability to easily ingest new tables in Python.”

Glenn B
Glenn B
Business Intelligence Analyst

Enterprise-grade security

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