5X offers greater flexibility & ROI

A zero-maintenance data platform that’s easy to set up, operate, and scale

Top performing data teams ♥️ 5X

Why choose 5X over Mozart Data

Greater flexibility & scalability

Mix & match between 5X modules or other services. The choice is yours.

Lower TCO

Discounted prices on data vendors that cut infra spends by 30%

all warehouses

5X supports Databricks, Snowflake, BigQuery, & Redshift. Mozart only supports Snowflake

Conversational BI

5X AI chat interface answers data questions & surfaces insights. Mozart doesn’t have this built-in

Custom connectors

5X builds custom connectors
for you in hours, ensuring 100% connectivity

Data engineering A-team.

5X provides the platform & people to help you make the most out of your data

Current state analysis

We deep-dive into your data to uncover roadblocks and opportunities for a stronger data strategy

Data Engineering

We build you a bespoke data platform to turn raw data into insights, helping you optimize business performance

Data Analytics

Empower business users with insights and interactive dashboards to make data-driven decisions

Data culture, education & training

5X fosters a data-centric culture, equipping everyone with actionable data, thus enhancing data literacy and utilization


We build AI/ML solutions using your data & work with your team to ensure it unlocks real business benefits

Hiring & team building

We help build your data dream team - team structuring, recruiting, and onboarding

System integration

Creating a cohesive data platform by piecing together disparate sources, data systems, & destinations

What our customers have to say

“Our next-gen data stack with 5x means we don’t have to think through every possible edge case in the data model in advance”.

Anthony M. Jerkovic
Anthony M. Jerkovic

“I’ve never been excited about a consultancy. I’ve worked with 3 different 5X engineers and each one is better than the past. My data team is 5X”

Andy Acs
Andy Acs

“5X optimized our BigQuery bill ~2600/month (or 32%) and we easily save 20% on other vendors through 5X”

Harry Speedy
Harry Speedy
Director, Data & Technology

5X Impact


Faster time to insight


Cost savings


Boost in dev productivity

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