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Apache Superset
Top performing data teams ♥️ 5X

Why choose 5X Business Intelligence?

Unlimited users, 
flat pricing

Finally, a pricing model that encourages you to share dashboards with your entire team. No extra charges for embedding applications

Security, governance, & reliability at scale

Own your data & define who 
has access. Configurable role-based access control. SOC 2-certified

Create dashboards & 
discover insights easily

Supersets intuitive drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to build interactive dashboards that business users will love. SQL-savvy analysts can use SQL IDE to run queries

Managed Superset, without
the maintenance hassles


"5X streamlined ours dashboards & created a single source of truth"

- Andy Acs

Managed Superset, without
the maintenance hassles

Talk to us

5X manages deployment, maintenance, & scaling of Superset

Benefit from the community development of the latest Superset features & functionalities

Govern access to your dashboards & underlying data with 5X’s granular access control

Flexibility over how you analyze & share data

Explore in 5X 

Executives & analysts can use 5X to slice and dice data & uncover insights

Embed in internal tools

Embed interactive dashboards in your admin panel or internal tools

Deploy in customer-facing apps

Share data through branded dashboards in customer-facing apps. 5X handles security, access control & configuration

Voted #1 by top data teams

“5X simplifies data management with a clean,
user-friendly platform. It's our one-stop solution 
for all data needs, allowing us to manage tasks from
a single pane instead of multiple tools.”

“As a new startup with no prior data and no in-house analysts, 5X guided us through the process, dispelling myths and simplifying our data setup.”


“5X has helped us transform from a normal business into a data-driven one. The dashboards within 5X are easy to use & have helped us identify insights & double down on activities that boost revenue.”

Kevin Santiago
Kevin Santiago

“5X helped us build a scalable data analytics capability. We went from inconsistent data to trusted insights across all dashboards.”

Andy Acs
Andy Acs

“5X allows us to have a high performance, highly reliable modern data stack that we can build great data sharing and Business Intelligence solutions on for our customers.”

Mark Webster
Mark Webster
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