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June 14, 2024

We started 5X with the mission to make data simple. Data is one of the most fragmented industries, with over 500 vendors in 10+ categories. The analogy we use is that data vendors are selling car parts. Imagine walking into a Honda dealership, and instead of selling you a Civic, they sold you an engine, and you had to build your own car.

It turns out that 90% of companies don't care about car parts. They want a complete platform (car) that works out of the box. That's exactly what we have created at 5X.

5X is now a full-stack data platform

Until recently, we’ve been able to bring several different categories into a single platform.

  1. 5X ingestion - Powered by Fivetran and Gravity Data.
  2. 5X warehouse - Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, and Redshift - we work with all of the 4 major warehouses, but on top of that, you can actually provision a warehouse directly.
  3. 5X modeling & orchestration - Powered by dbt & Dagster - We’ve built an enterprise modeling and orchestration tool that's incredibly easy to use.

With the launch of 5X BI, we now support a complete data suite, including ingestion, warehousing, modeling, orchestration, and BI inside a single platform.

This means that it doesn't matter if you're an executive, leader, product manager, data engineer, analyst, data scientist, or software engineer—you can use a single platform for all of your data and analytics use cases.

Why Superset?

Our goal is to bring together the best data products into a single platform to provide an incredibly easy-to-use experience for our customers. We’ve found Apache Superset to be one of these products in the business intelligence space. Superset’s intuitive drag-and-drop UI makes it easy to build interactive dashboards that business users will love. SQL-savvy analysts can use SQL IDE to run queries. 5X manages deployment, maintenance, & scaling of Superset.

Pricing that makes sense

  • Unlimited users, flat pricing - Unlike other BI tools, 5X doesn’t charge more when you share dashboards and visualizations, incentivizing you to share data across the organization.
  • Data products & embedding  - This includes being able to white label and embed your dashboards across your customer-facing applications to create rich interactive experiences. Again - no hidden fees.

5X BI in action

How Cupbop is using 5X BI


Cupbop wanted a holistic overview of their business, down to the store level. They needed an interactive dashboard that could help decision-makers unearth insights from vast amounts of operational and customer data.


5X BI was a perfect fit for Cupbop. Providing a single interface to ingest, model, & visualize data. Business users operated dashboards, while Data engineers built pipelines - all within 5X.


The Cupbop team now has real-time access to critical business insights & data. This includes executives, marketing, ops, and store-level teams. User-level permissions ensure that users at a branch see data corresponding only to their branch.

5X’s data consultancy wing provided Cupbop with dedicated analysts who worked closely with store-level managers to uncover insights and provide personalized recommendations to optimize the supply chain and improve store revenue.

“5X has helped us transform from a normal business into a data-driven one. The dashboards within 5X are easy to use & have helped us identify insights & double down on activities that boost revenue.”

Kevin Santiago

President, Cupbop
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Remove the frustration of setting up a data platform!

Building a data platform doesn’t have to be hectic. Spending over four months and 20% dev time just to set up your data platform is ridiculous. Make 5X your data partner with faster setups, lower upfront costs, and 0% dev time. Let your data engineering team focus on actioning insights, not building infrastructure ;)

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Here are some next steps you can take:

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