5X Preset Integration

Through the Preset integration, we’ve made it easy for data teams to harness advanced analytics and streamline business intelligence. Elevate your data-driven decision-making with 5X + Preset.
March 30, 2024

Recently, we launched Preset integration into 5X as a BI layer on top of Snowflake, BigQuery, and dbt. This integration marks a significant leap forward for teams looking to operate their BI and optimize their analytics workflow. 

This article will review why we chose Preset as our BI partner and the benefits you can derive from this integration. 

But before that, let’s quickly glance through Preset!

Preset is an open-source BI solution for teams focused on self-serve analytics and making data accessible to everyone. As a visualization layer on top of the data infrastructure, Preset empowers teams to unlock valuable insights through beautiful, interactive dashboards.

Why we chose Preset as our BI partner

Fully open-source: As Preset is built on top of the open-source project Apache Superset, it is easy to use, modify, and distribute. Its dynamic developer community releases regular updates, bug fixes, and new features, so you don't face any hurdles.

User-friendly UI:
Preset’s drag-and-drop interface and interactive dashboards make it easy for business users to conduct self-serve data analysis and derive insights. Ultimately saving data engineers countless hours.

Data to dashboards in a jiffy: Preset's dataset-centric approach allows users to quickly generate dashboards using only the relevant columns, ensuring fast and high-performing query results.

Highly reliable: Biweekly software updates with a dedicated QA team ensure reliability.

Competitive pricing: Because of its rich feature set, Preset is a competitively priced BI solution.

Why provision Preset via 5X

As a data engineer, you can purchase Preset separately and integrate it with your data platform. However, provisioning via 5X is easier & offers more benefits:

Streamlined instance provisioning 

You can provision Preset within a span of minutes via 5X. You don’t have to worry about contract negotiations or talking to sales reps. If you already have a Preset license, you can link it to 5X via the API key, API secret, team slug, and workspace slug.

Unified IDE with full data pipeline context

Operating the data stack is time-consuming as the tools are scattered, and engineers often have to switch tools. 

5X’s unified IDE enables you to operate your entire data pipeline from a single interface. We remove the hassle of switching between tools to perform simple tasks. 

When using Preset via 5X, you can get a bird’s eye view of all your dashboards across your BI tools in one place. This full context gives you complete, end-to-end pipeline visibility. 

Access to enterprise features

Using Preset via 5X unlocks exclusive enterprise features like direct Slack support and API access. 

Robust security

Data security is a huge concern in any organization, and one of the critical security risks is the failure to manage user access. 

5X addresses this with role-based access control. You can specify who can view, edit, or share resources across all the tools in your data stack, upholding data safety and compliance. 

Moreover, the comprehensive audit logs allow you to track and review all actions, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Optimize performance 

Data platform spends are unpredictable. With multiple data tools and different pricing structures, your budget can unnoticeably slip through the cracks.

Using Preset and other data tools on 5X, you can save up to 30% of your data spends. We help you optimize performance by:

  • Tracking real-time vendor usage at daily and monthly levels. 
  • Identifying inefficiencies like unused ingested tables, costly queries, warehouse size, etc.
  • Generating accurate forecasts using historical spending data, eliminating the need for invoice analysis.
  • Setting spend limits and receiving instant notifications for any breaches.

Unified  billing 

Managing multiple bills and handling contracts with complex billing cycles is a pain.  

At 5X, we simplify payments by providing a consolidated monthly bill for multiple data tools. You can opt for the pay-as-you-go pricing model based on your actual usage. This brings predictability and control to your expenses, letting you concentrate on core tasks without the hassle of managing separate bills for each tool.

Remove the frustration of setting up a data platform!

Building a data platform doesn’t have to be hectic. Spending over four months and 20% dev time just to set up your data platform is ridiculous. Make 5X your data partner with faster setups, lower upfront costs, and 0% dev time. Let your data engineering team focus on actioning insights, not building infrastructure ;)

Book a free consultation
Excited about the 5X + Preset integration? We are, too!

Here are some next steps you can take:

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  • Want more guidance on using Preset via 5X? Explore our Help Docs.
  • Ready to consolidate your data pipeline? Chat with us now.

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