Because losing 4 months of

runway isn’t affordable.

With a platform that lets you integrate different data vendors to create a data platform specific to your business... without any setup. And without ever speaking to a sales team.

Integrating vendors into a data platform is a huge pain

4+ months to setup data platform
Require signing multiple vendor contracts
55k-85k due upfront for contracts
20% of time spend on maintenance
Pipeline maintainance
User Management
Discovery & modernization
4+ months to setup data platform
Switching between vendors
Customer Support
Pll, Security, Governance

Complete the entire set-up “at a fraction of the cost” & reduce burn rate

One-click integrations with top data vendors, and hence, zero setup time
Consolidated billing through 5X,
and thus, 1 bill for the entire data platform
Transparent pricing,
therefore, no need to ever speak to a sales team or worry about POCs
No need to juggle between multiple vendor websites


“We needed more than a basic business intelligence tool, we needed to organise our data so we could develop insights that would give them an advantage over their competitors.”

Steve Hibberd


“Our next-gen data stack with 5x means we don’t have to think through every possible edge case in the data model in advance.”

Anthony M. Jerkovic


“I can’t tell you how many times the chairman of our board said, You are doing this right by leading with data. A lot of startups wait too long.”

Keith Elliott


“Helping companies managing their data platform the easy way”
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